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Sound Walks

The tradition of sound walks originates in the experimental music of the 20th century, with a new attitude towards silence, noise and the process of listening. Discussions around these concepts contributed to the birth of a new direction of research - sound studies, which includes the study of sound and its perception within political systems, environmental and genealogical problems, gender and class inequalities, and much more.
Marina Karpova's walk involves a short digression into the theory of sound and listening practices. This is a study of a pre-prepared route, using special equipment (piezo sensors, hydrophones, microphones), performing various auditory exercises, mapping and sound recording.


Anti-war sound walks (project start - March 2022)

Sound walks, as a protest action, as disagreement with the policy of the Russian Federation and the war that Putin began to wage in Ukraine on February 24/2022. Anti-war sound walks take place in the protest places of St. Petersburg. Inside these walks, the voices of people speaking out against the war come to life. Recordings of the sounds of different pickets are attached to different points of the route laid through the protest places of the city. Recorded protests are songs, sounds, poetry, slogans, prayers, discourses. This project makes the protest of St. Petersburg alive and audible, this protest cannot be dispersed, it continues to grow and makes the voices of the protesters possible.

рисунки ночной антивоенной прогулки Надежды Лопардиной (24.03.2022)

Sound walk 59°57'33"N 30°19'8"E /2020/ organized by the Assembly site as part of the walking laboratory/ photo: Egor Rogalev

Sound walk in the space of the Assembly / 2020 / organized by the Assembly site as part of the walk laboratory / photo: Egor Rogalev

Sound walk in Peterhof / held as part of the project of Ekaterina Sokolovskaya "Space" / 2018

Photographs of walks conducted in different locations from 2016 to 2019