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"Boundless story: water in the cell", sound installation, Inversia festival, Nomadic bar, BARENTS SPEKTAKEL, 2022 

By Marina Karpova and Daria Boldyreva 

A tear that fell in one part of the world will surely, after some time, end up in another part of our planet. The process of cyclic movement of water on Earth is not just a moisture cycle, it is overcoming the borders of states and bodies. Water is transnational and transcorporeal, it flows through all organisms at the cellular level, thus connecting everything on Earth. All living bodies are water bodies. 

Through listening to water, observing the different states of water, passing water through your body or simply feeling your body as liquid, solidarity between people can arise, the unification of humanity and an incredible sense of belonging.


My body must be free
It never happened and still doesn't
The body belongs to the state, partner, children, commerce, educational institutions, etc...

Unfree body:
unfree of movement
unfree of gender
unfree of choice
unfree of everything

I must
My body must

My body doesn't owe anything
But they think my body should
They demand something from my body
They restrict my body
They label my body like it's a soap bottle
They can kill my body
They may not allow my body to cross country borders
They can put my body in prison
They can drop bombs on our bodies
They can rape our bodies just like that
If they want, they will destroy our bodies
We depend on their decisions

They tell my body how it should look
They tell my body how it should sound

I feel like I can't find freedom inside until my body is free

Why did others say that freedom is within?

I feel free when the body is free
I don't feel freedom when the body is limited
I can't find freedom inside

There is no freedom inside the body
They decide that I should eat and drink
They spoil the water and destroy the planet
They decompose my body from the inside
They destroy me inside and out

I vomit of the stupidity of power
I have not seen greater stupidity than power

My freedom is now in natural death
Every day I slowly die
Every day, everyone gradually dies as soon as they begin to live
This wonderful garden, which I watch throughout the spring-summer season, is dying every day
Every day the garden grows, but this is the way to death.

Nobody controls my wrinkles and gray hair
My natural aging process is pleasant to me
Dying every day, I feel life and a little bit of freedom

The feeling of death as part of life gives a feeling of calmness

Feeling of balance in the body

Humanity is the biggest, though beautiful mistake

The sound installation "Drop" is a self-destructing structure made of ice. It is proposed to watch and listen to how the ice melts, and the frozen objects, gradually thawing and freeing themselves from the ice, fall down. The installation will last until the ice completely disappears./2017

Hit or miss are sound pictures from speakers taken out of children's toys. One of the works was presented at the exhibition "Unincluded" in the gallery Agile_gallery./2017

Sound installation "B". The work was presented at a group exhibition as part of the project of Ekaterina Sokolovskaya "Space" / 2018

Installation-performance "Washing"/2017. The author washes things and hangs them to dry. The audience can listen carefully to what is happening.