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Boundless story: water in the cell

"Boundless story: water in the cell" - sound installation by Daria Boldyreva and Marina Karpova

A tear that fell in one part of the world will surely, after some time, end up in another part of our planet. The process of cyclic movement of water on Earth is not just a moisture cycle, it is overcoming the borders of states and bodies. Water is transnational and transcorporeal, it flows through all organisms at the cellular level, thus connecting everything on Earth. All living bodies are water bodies.
Through listening to water, observing the different states of water, passing water through your body or simply feeling your body as liquid, solidarity between people can arise, the unification of humanity and an incredible sense of belonging.

The work was made in Kirkenes at the festival "INVERSIA X BARENTS SPEKTAKEL", 2023
Photo Michael Miller/Pikene pa Broen
Photo Daria Boldyreva/Pikene pa Broen
«Boundless story: water in the cell» — sound installation by Daria Boldyreva and Marina Karpova

Recording of the live performance

Techno-lecture performance about water:

>> Voice - Daria Boldyreva
>> Text - Daria Boldyreva
>> Electronics [live coding] - Marina Karpova
>> Field recordings - Marina Karpova
>> Melting Ice

The work was performed in "The Nomadic Bar" at the festivals "INVERSIA X BARENTS SPEKTAKEL", 2023, Kirkenes
Techno-lecture performance about water by Daria Boldyreva and Marina Karpova (recording of the live-performance, «INVERSIA X BARENTS SPEKTAKEL», 2023, Kirkenes)